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About Balsam Broadband

Balsam Broadband is dedicated to educating the community of Balsam Mountain Preserve on the benefits of a member owned fiber broadband Internet service. We are working closely with the Developer and Community Association to develop a plan to complete the fiber installation to reach all homes and home sites in our community. Content on this site is being vetted and published by folks who have deep experience in communications technology and business. Be sure to sign up for our email announcements and don’t hesitate to email us with any questions you have about broadband Internet. 

Not Enough Internet To Share?

We understand that not having enough internet can throw a home into chaos, especially now with all family members at home ALL the time.

Having enough access to the internet means your whole family can login to your favorite videos, games, and websites without causing a delay for someone else.

Get Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber internet doesn’t slow when multiple people are on it.

35 Million miles of fiber in place in America

There is nothing faster than Fiber Internet

Let Fiber be the peacemaker

Solve your family’s internet problems by opening up for more broadband: more videos, more gaming, more connecting.

Internet Technology

Fiber, DSL, wireless, 4G, 5G, satellite – all these technologies are being used to deliver Internet services to communities across the United Staes. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates telecommunications services and has a mandate to facilitate broadband connections to underserved rural communities like ours. The FCC has defined broadband as at least 25 megabits per second (mb/s) download and 3 mb/s upload. This definition was developed over a decade ago and is widely viewed as being obsolete and insufficient. The FCC is under increasing pressure by Congress and other government agencies to update their recommendation to 100 mb/s upload and download due to the increasing importance of broadband access for homes to enjoy all the benefits of our connected society.
We believe that fiber is the only broadband technology that will give Balsam homeowners access to true broadband speeds and by owning and controlling our own Interest service we will increase the values of our homes and lots and make Balsam a desirable place to live.

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We’re here to help you understand the advantages of broadband internet and how a fiber optic internet increase your home value

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Balsam Mountain Preserve

A scenic 40-minute jaunt from Asheville, NC the Preserve is the lowest density, most tastefully appointed private community in the Carolinas.

Here at delightfully cool elevations approaching 4,200 feet are 4,400 breathtaking acres home to adventurous spirits who share a deep and abiding commitment to both their community and the natural world.

Enough internet for every family member!